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 “Pó da Estrada – writings of João Carlos Sampaio” is a window-book, a travel journal that gathers fragments of the life and work of Bahian journalist and film critic João Carlos Sampaio. The work, which was produced in partnership with Tropicasa Productions and Gris Publishing, brings together film reviews, texts about travel, soccer, Bahia and existence. A book about cinema and other windows to the world.

Partners: Tais Bichara (Tropicasa Productions / BA) and Gris Publisher (BA)
General Coordination: Flávia Santana e Tais Bichara
Actions: Publication of the printed book “pó da estrada – writings of joão carlos sampaio” and an audiobook (2021)
Service Provided: Capture and Production
Funding: Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia through Aldir Blanc Law


Cinema de Tuna intends to recover the audiovisual legacy of the Bahian filmmaker Tuna Espinheira, through the digital remastering of the award-winning documentary “A Mulher Marginalizada”; the creation of a web platform with the collection of the filmmaker’s work and life; and the recording of a documentary in honor of Tuna.

Partner: Rosa Espinheira (BA)
Actions: Restoration of the film “The Marginalized Woman”, by Tuna Espinheira; recording of the documentary “Letters to my father”, by Rosa Espinheira; website and release session (2020-2021)
Service Provided: Funding, Production and Management
Funding: Department of Culture of the State of Bahia


A movie and conversation session. The public could check out different films and debates at each meeting, curated by Marcelo Sá. After the film session, based on the concerns presented on the screen, invited specialists talked about topics such as saudade (nostalgia), gender issues, and fantasies of love and sex.

Partner: Circuit Saladearte (BA)
Actions: Cine Papo – 1st Edition (2019) | 2nd Edition (2020) | Cine Papo Digital (2021)
Service Provided: Production and Financial Management
Funding: CentroSul through the State Program to Encourage Cultural Sponsorship – Fazcultura and Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia through the Aldir Blanc Law