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auss&auss xp

Exhibit, Interactive, and Immersive Circuit, based on the science fiction AUSS & AUSS, created by Nikima. The circuit tells how, after a 3rd world war and the end of oil, the twins of the AUSS family invent a system that uses music, emotions, and immersive experiences to produce energy and found the company AUSS & AUSS. The circuit -opened in January 2020- features games, a virtual reality experience, an augmented reality game, a website with chapters and songs from the story, and an immersive and interactive LED cube.

Partners: Nikima (BA/SP)
Actions: Exhibitive, Interactive and Immersive Circuit (2021)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management 
Funding: Gregório de Mattos Foundation and Salvador Municipal Prefecture


The project aims to promote the Brazilian publishing and printing market through a complete and immersive program in the book production world. In the 2017 edition, S+Dobras featured guests Elaine Ramos, Luciana Facchini, Marcia Signorini, João Varella, and Paulo Chagas. Participants had access to the resources they needed to enter the field and make a difference, either in a recognized publishing house or by setting up their own.

Partner: Voulta (BA)
Actions: Lectures and Workshops at Caixa Cultural Brasília (2017)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management 
Funding: Caixa and Federal Government

mulher dama

The exhibition presented an unpublished essay by Flávio Damm about prostitutes and their lifestyle. This essay was written between January and February of 1966, in Salvador City (BA). It was intended for a book with the same title that Flavio would publish with his friend Jorge Amado, a project that was canceled due to AI-5 and, as time went by, forgotten.

Partner: Silvana Olivieri (BA)
Actions: Exhibition at National Museum of Afro Brazilian Culture; Audiovisual record of the interview with photographer Flávio Damm; Documentary showcase followed by chats; Workshops for prostitutes in Salvador City, held by Tininha Llanos and Vânia Medeiros; Parade (2018)
Service Provided: Production and Financial Management 
Funding: Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia