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Giro Planejamento Cultural

Around what do you move?

Giro is to move around a point: words are what guide our existence.

The center is clear: capacity, work, engagement, mobilization, transformation.

What moves all of this is the power of cultural production, under the management of three women, which set up Giro Planejamento Cultural.

The names behind this story are  Gabriela Rocha and Joana Giron.


Located in Salvador, Bahia, the company thinks, proposes, creates, develops and assesses projects of the diverse fields of culture. Since 2014, more than 115 completed projects, about a hundred events and plus another hundred of formative actions, generating almost 4 thousand direct hire jobs and reaching more than 700 thousand people in more than 30 cities of Brazil and other countries.

They are numbers that reflect a routine compromised with solid, measurable and visible results, with capillarity and international expansion. 

Giro is an author of ideas, with achievements that come from his own proposals and also those elaborated and materialized with its support. She is especially involved in art projects with transforming impact, that mobilize people, debate politico social urgencies and affect individuals, groups and communities. Also it has the necessary knowledge of market practice, a powerful network of partners and offers to customers, considering their specificities, desires and effective strategies for successful productions in cultural economy sectors. Its vision is to increase perspectives and opportunities.


Giro is continuous. Move with us.

Elaboration and formatting of cultural projects

Registration of projects in governmental projects and laws of culture incentive

Executive production of events and cultural projects

Financial and administrative management

Assessorship in Cultural Investments