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Through a documentary structure, a group of documentary artists decides to understand the factors that led a population of more than 70% of black and non-white people to be admitted to Hospital Colônia de Barbacena (MG) and to other psychiatric hospitals. Conceived by Gabriela Rocha, the show was nominated for five categories of Braskem Prize: “Best performance (adult category)”, “Direction”, “Best Actress”, “Revelation” and “Writing”, winning in the two last ones. 

Direction: Diego Araúja
Actions: Assembly and Show Season; Debate open to Public (2019)
Service Provided: Idealization, Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Department of Culture of the State of Bahia


This project that relates dance, accessibility and children. The project is the product of a process of research, training, sharing, creation, and diffusion focused on children and hand-made dance. This idea is distinguished by involving the participation of children in all stages of the process, from education to art creation.

Partner: Collective Carrinho de Mão (BA)
Actions: Conducting workshops to children audience; Lives about the creative process; Book Publication; Recording of 23 short videos and a video performance serie with 04 episodes (2020-2021)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Gregório de Mattos Foundation


The first Brazilian theater production entirely spoken in Yorùba, QUASEILHAS, by Diego Pinheiro, is an experience based on the creation of performative presences in the void of Afro-diasporic memory. Through oríkì, the author replaces amnesia with memory creation of his maternal family: Ijesa black descendants from the Nigerian city of Iléṣà. The production had its first season in Salvador in April 2018, then participated, in August of the same year, in the IC-Encontro de Artes; and in September, in the Belo Horizonte International Theater Festival (FIT BH). In April 2019, it held a second season at Mercado Iaô (Salvador – BA). In 2020, it was one of the works that represented Brazil at the Iberoamerican Theater Festival ¡Adelante! in Heidelberg (Germany). QUASEILHAS was nominated for BRASKEM THEATER AWARD 2018 in the categories Direction and Special (Musical Direction). 

Authorship and Direction: Diego Araúja (BA)
Partner: Àràká – Creation Platform in Art
Actions: 1st Season (2018); 2nd Season along with workshops and audience training activities (2019); Performances at Festival IC (2019); Performances at Belo Horizonte International Theater Festival (2019); Performances at Iberoamerican Theater Festival ¡Adelante!, in Heidelberg/Germany (2020)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia and Gregório de Mattos Foundation


Bispo a Sêco is a solo show, starring João Miguel, inspired by the life and work of Brazilian artist Arthur Bispo do Rosário, who lived for about 40 years in a psychiatric hospital in Rio de Janeiro. On stage, accompanied by Ângelo Santiago musicians and Sidney Argolo, João Miguel mixes Bispo’s words with the most modern aspects of contemporary theater, proposing a union of various languages to dialogue with the work created by Bispo.

Partner: João Miguel (BA)
Actions: Performances of the Show at Caixa Cultural de Curitiba (2019)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Caixa Cultural and Federal Government


The project promoted a northeast tour of “O Campo de Batalha”. On stage, in a supposed World War III caused by the dispute over the planet’s waters, two enemy soldiers are surprised by the announcement of a temporary suspension of the war. During the war break, the two enemies begin a surreal closeness that puts at risk the protocol continuity of the “official” combats.

Text and authorship: Aldri Anunciação (BA)
Direction: Márcio Meirelles, co-directed by Lázaro Ramos and Fernando Philbert
Partner: Melanina Acentuada Art Productions (BA)
Actions: Performances in the cities of Natal (RN), Mossoró (RN), Aracaju (SE), Itabaiana (SE); Dramaturgy Workshops; Talks with local groups (2019)
Service Provided: Production and Financial Management
Funding: BR Distribuidora through Federal Law of Incentive to Culture (Rouanet)


The production proposes a forum for discussion about the body and its autonomy in contemporary society. The structure of the work-collage seeks to give space to subjectivities and identities that overflow the body through the elements of dance, theater, and performance, taking inspiration from the writings of Beauvoir and other studies on the body, the female body, desire, the media, and pop culture — as well as from the actresses-performers’ personal stories.

Partner: Base Theatre (BA)
Actions: Assembly and show Season; Panel discussions; Scenic experiment; Workshop; Video library (2014)
Service Provided: Production and Financial Management
Funding: Department of Culture of the State of Bahia