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The Giro Conecta platform is a spinoff of Giro Planejamento Cultural, idealized by Joana Giron, whose mission is to promote the connection of contemporary music production in Brazil, Africa and Latin America, through the promotion of live experiences, digital products and information. It aims to contribute in a structural way to the internationalization of Brazilian music projects, and contribute to increase the visibility of artists from the contemporary music scene in Africa and Latin America to the Brazilian public.

The platform’s first action was a show featuring Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade, with the participation of Bahian singer Mariene de Castro and opening act by Melly, at Concha Acústica, in Salvador. 

Service Provided: Idealization and General Coordination
Funding: Goethe-Institute


Ocupação Sound System – Urban Art in the Community is a training, exchange, and circulation project that aims to stimulate the creative potential of young people through graffiti and sound system culture, offering 7 workshops, 1 chat, and 1 sound system party with the Ministry of Public and 2 guests. The project has two editions, one in Barroquinha and the other in Boca do Rio, with all activities for free, during the summer of 2023.


On Saturdays, there will be 6 workshops and a chat, and to finish the activities of each edition, on Sundays, there will be a Sound System party, led by the Ministry of Public, with the participation of 2 different guests per edition. 

The proposal was selected in Public Tender n° 9/2019 Setorial de Música 2019 and has the financial support of the State of Bahia, through the Secretary of Culture.

Partner: Ministry of Public 
Actions: 2 editions of Occupation Sound System, with 08 training actions and Sound System party.
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Department of Culture of the State of Bahia


The AFROPOP Festival emerges to give voice to the effervescence of the contemporary black art scene in the country, exalting the multiplicity of music, highlighting the Brazilian rhythmic diversity and uniting artists of different generations on a single stage. With artist Margareth Menezes as the idealizer and hostess, the 1st edition of the Festival brought together names such as Márcia Short, Olodum, Dão, Panteras Negras, Tulani Masai, and Cronista do Morro. Besides the musical shows, the festival also featured audiovisual recordings of testimonials from great Brazilian artists who were fundamental in the formation of today’s Afro-urban references. The event was broadcast on Margareth Menezes’ YouTube, with a simultaneous broadcast by TVE Bahia.

Partner: Pedra do Mar and Margareth Menezes
Actions: 02 days of Festival (2021)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia through Aldir Blanc Law


Giro is in charge of the Afrocidade TV project, which is the online version of the Afrocidade – Formativas actions project, proposed by Giro for the Culture of Camaçari edict. The project will include the creation of 7 training videos, which have been made available on the Afrocidade group’s instagram, with the themes of dance, percussion, and rhyme.

Partner: Afrocidade
Actions: Launch of 07 video classes (2021)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Camaçari Culture Secretary


Coro de Rua emerged in 2017 and had as guidelines on the Jamaican soundsystem culture, the occupation of the historic center of Salvador, and the integration of women in the music labor market. Based on these elements, there were two sound occupations in the Barroquinha neighborhood, with a Soundsystem Party, with Lívia Nery as host and the sound amplification of the Ministry of Public Sound System. The editions were attended by established artists and beginners such as Karina Buhr (PE), Bnegão (RJ), Vandal (BA), Mis Ivy (SP), Aurea Semiséria (BA) and Danzi Love Jah (BA), during 8 hours of event, divided into 2 editions, which took more than 2,000 people to the Ladeira da Barroquinha. The project also featured an electronic music production workshop taught by Livia Nery.

Partner: Livia Nery and Noarr Culture and Content 
Actions: 2 editions of the Street Choir with shows and workshop (2017)
Service Provided: Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Gregório de Mattos Foundation


Conceived by Giro, the project “Pagodão da Bahia in London” had the purpose of promoting cultural connection between the rhythms of popular music from Bahia, especially Pagodão da Bahia, and the rhythms of the African roots, present in the Brixton neighborhood, in London. To achieve this, in September 2018, the project held the first international tour of Afrocidade band, in addition to formative actions, such as two workshops on Percussion and Dance of “Pagodão da Bahia” – taught by members of the band – and two artistic experiences between Afrocidade members and the Senegalese artist Aida Diop. The initiative is a partnership between the production companies Giro Planejamento Cultural (Brazil), Mama Sounds (Brazil/London), and Movimientos (London).

Partner: Mama Sounds (Brazil/London), Movimientos (London) 
Actions: Workshops, exchange and Afrocidade musical performances in:

  • Rich Mix in East London (2018)
  • Brixton Come Together Festival at Hootananny in Brixton, London (2018)
  • The Word Transformed Festival at Constellations & The Observatory in Liverpool (2018)

Service Provided: Idealization, Catchment, Production, and Financial Management
Funding: Mobility Fund– Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia


By the sea, BeGin brought a new experience with gin, offering creative, unprecedented, and daring drink spots, offering unique sensations and vigorous sound immersion in the Sound System Culture to the public, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Sound System. Under the signature of Bombar and Giro Planejamento Cultural, the party, which had its first edition held at the Terminal Turístico Náutico da Bahia – Comércio, offered 8 uninterrupted hours of music, with special performances by local and national artists. The event featured special guests Pedro Pondé, AfroManjaro Roots, Freelion, Pali, Okwei Odili, Trap Funk & Relief, Cronista do Morro, Vandal, Mahal Pitta, and Rico Dalasam.

Partner: Bombar
Actions: 1st edition of BeGin (2019)
Service Provided: Production and Financial Management